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Material and Product Knowledge


Making your life easier is at the heart of what we do! The average luxury yacht interior contains a myriad of different materials and surfaces. Whether wood, stone, ceramic; plastic, leather or fabric, the importance of implementing correct care routines for these surfaces cannot be overstated. 


Our material-care expertise is second to none. We pledge to always be on-hand to offer advice and support to your team. If we do not know of a material, we will endeavour to research and provide a care program for it. 


Bespoke Care Manuals.


We can create high quality, bespoke Care Manuals, designed specifically to preserve the value and overall condition of your yachts interior.


These manuals are an especially useful means of providing standardised and non-damaging care procedures for the unique materials contained within guest interior spaces. Take for example, the issue of crew turnover; Too often, vital care expertise can be lost when experienced crew depart a vessel, often resulting in significant damage to delicate surfaces at the hands of less experienced crew. These manuals are an invaluable tool to serve on behalf of the interior team over the yachts entire lifetime.


We highly recommend the order of a Care Manual during the build phase of a new yacht. This enables us the opportunity to consult directly with material suppliers on the correct care procedures for their optimum care and maintenance.

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